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Playing Boggle
Can you score points by rebuilding the Boggle game board?
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September 30, 2002
In the popular family game Boggle each of 16 dice has six different letters (QU substitutes for a single letter on one cube face) on it. The dice are shaken and fall into a 4x4 square, so that one letter on each cube shows. Players have three minutes to form as many words of length three or longer by moving from letter to adjacent letter either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Players may return to a letter in forming a word but may not pause on a letter. Given the sample board


possible words are POEM, PESTER, HOPE, THEME, and RESETS, but not MESS. In a recent game of Boggle, Chad and his dad formed the words given in the clues below, as well as many others. Can you solve this unusual Logic Puzzle by reconstructing the arrangement of the top dice letters that showed on their game board?

  1. Both Chad and his dad got the words AGE and PINT, each of which they formed without making any diagonal movement from letter to letter.
  2. Chad scored big points by making FRAGMENT and PALACE, neither of which his father had on this final word list.
  3. Dad scored points with CHORAL, which Chad didn't see.
  4. Both players anagrammed FAINT and ARCHLY from the board.
  5. Both formed COMET, starting with a horizontal move from C to O.
  6. The letter W was in the upper lefthand corner of the 4x4 square.

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