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Ship in a Bottle
Five ship-in-a-bottle builders sell their first models.
September 23, 2002
By clue 1, the five ships in bottles sold for a low of $100 to a high of $300, with no two selling for the same sum. By clue 3, John's ship in a bottle sold for twice as much as the Titanic; while by clue 5, Wheelock's creation went for twice what the Bismarck did. John can't be Wheelock, or the Titanic and the Bismarck would both have sold for the same sum. If John had built the Bismarck, even given that the Titanic in a bottle brought the $100 (clue 1), Wheelock's model would have sold for $400 (3, 5)--a conflict with the $300 high given in clue 1. Similarly, if Wheelock had made the model of the Titanic, by clues 1, 3, and 5, John's ship would have brought at least $400--again, no (1). Therefore, between clues 3 and 5, four of the five model ship builders are named: John, Wheelock, and the ones who modeled the Titanic and the Bismarck. Further, the most either of the latter two ships could have sold for is $150 (1, 3, 5). In clue 7, therefore, Maston didn't model either the Titanic or the Bismarck, or Art's ship in a bottle would have gone for $50 at most. Maston also isn't John (3) and is therefore the fifth ship builder to the four in clues 3 and 5. We now can determine the five amounts for which the ships sold. By clue 1, two of the prices are $300 and $100. Since neither John (3), Wheelock (5), nor Maston (7) received $100, either the Titanic or the Bismarck builder did. By clues 3 and 5, then, either John or Wheelock had to sell a model for $200. Since neither the Titanic modeler (3), the Bismarck builder (5), nor Maston (7) got the top sum of $300, the one of John or Wheelock who didn't get the $200 did. Then by clues 3 and 5, the builder of the Titanic or Bismarck who didn't get $100 had to get $150. So, John and Wheelock got $300 and $200 or vice versa, and the modelers of the Titanic and Bismarck got $150 and $100 or vice versa. By clue 7, either John or Wheelock built the Constellation in a bottle, which had to sell for $300 rather than $200, or Art would have received $50 for his work. Maston then earned $250 and Art $150 for his work. By clue 6, the Bonhomme Richard in a bottle sold for twice what Chris's ship did. Maston didn't build the Bonhomme Richard or Chris would have gotten $125, a sixth price. The Bonhomme Richard was made by John or Wheelock and sold for $200, with Chris then getting $100 for his ship in a bottle--the Bismarck (6). Art modeled the $150 Titanic. By clue 3, John's Model of the Constellation earned him $300, while Wheelock's Bonhomme Richard in a bottle sold for $200. By elimination, Maston put the famous Flying Cloud in a bottle. Maston is Rob and Kay Wheelock (4). By clue 2, Art is Boatman. John is Decker (8) and Chris Keeley. In sum, the five ships in bottles sold as follows:

  • the Constellation by John Decker for $300
  • the Flying Cloud by Rob Maston for $250
  • the Bonhomme Richard by Kay Wheelock for $200
  • the Titanic by Art Boatman for $150
  • the Bismarck by Chris Keeley for $100

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