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Football Season Openers
10 local elevens kickoff their 2002 football seasons.
September 9, 2002
By clue 1, the most points that any of the five losing teams scored was 20, with four of the five winning teams tallying 21 or more points. The five season-opening games are described in clue 3: Wildlake High lost 49-0; Long Branch scored 33 points and thus won (clue 1); the Coyotes were victorious; the Lions were first-game losers; and the fifth game ended in a 27-14 score. By clue 2, La Mesa defeated the Oilers 35-6; La Mesa must be the Coyotes in clue 3. Then by clue 1, the team that beat the Lions won the by a score of 10-8. Cozy Valley High won over the Sharks, who aren't scoreless Wildlake (7); Cozy Valley and the Sharks played the 27-14 game in clue 3. By clue 6, in one game, Mt. Holly tackled Eastern Vo-Tech, who aren't the Lions; they must have played in the game where the Lions lost, with Mt. Holly being the Lions. By clue 5, the Milton Bradley Giants held their opponents to fewer than 30 points; in clue 3, they whipped Wildlake. By clue 8, since the Cardinals aren't Long Branch, the Cardinals are Cozy Valley and the Sharks from Safe Harbor. Van Buren High lost to the Cowboys from Long Branch (4). By elimination, the Oilers are from Ocean City High School. Wildlake's athletes aren't the Bulldogs (5) or the Engineers, who scored (9), and are the Wolves. Van Buren's nickname is the Bulldogs and Eastern Vo-Tech's the Engineers (4). By clue 1, Van Buren scored 20 points in losing. The five season-opening football games had these results:

  • Cozy Valley Cardinals def. Safe Harbor Sharks, 27-14
  • Eastern Vo-Tech Engineers def. Mt. Holly Lions, 10-8
  • La Mesa Coyotes def. Ocean City Oilers, 35-6
  • Long Branch Cowboys def. Van Buren Bulldogs, 33-20
  • Milton Bradley Giants def. Wildlake Wolves, 49-0

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