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The Oddbornes
This week's adventures with the 2002 version of the Nelsons.
August 26, 2002
Bjorn isn't the Oddborne featured on Tuesday's program (clue 5). By clue 2, then, Bjorn is featured on Wednesday's, Thursday's, or Friday's episode. If Bjorn were Wednesday's star, the family member who gets a tattoo of a bright angel would be Tuesday's leading Oddborne. Since Bjorn isn't the one who gets a Taras Bulba hairstyle (5), by clue 1, Shirley would be Thursday's star, and the person who gets the Taras Bulba would be Friday's. However, since Oddy Oddborne doesn't get the tattoo (6) and Shirley isn't the family member whose pet monkey eats the PTA fruit salad (7), there is no way for clue 3 to work. So, Bjorn isn't featured on Wednesday. If Bjorn were Friday's leading Oddborne, with the person who gets the angel tattoo Thursday's (2), since Bjorn doesn't get the Taras Bulba haircut (5), Shirley Oddborne would be Monday's or Tuesday's feature (1). If Shirley were Monday's The Oddbornes star, with the one getting the faddish hairstyle Tuesday's (1), there would be no way for clue 3 to work, since Shirley isn't the monkey's owner (7) and Oddy doesn't get the tattoo (6). If Shirley were Tuesday's and the one getting the new haircut Wednesday's star, since Shirley doesn't own the naughty monkey (7), there is no way for clue 3 to fit. Therefore, Bjorn isn't the star of Friday's episode. Bjorn is featured on Thursday night, with the family member getting the bright angel tattoo starring on Wednesday. Because Bjorn doesn't get the Taras Bulba hairstyle (5), Shirley must be Monday's leading Oddborne and the person getting the new haircut Tuesday's (1). Since Shirley isn't the owner of the pet monkey (7), by clue 3, Bjorn owns the animal, and Oddy Oddborne is Friday's star. By clue 4, then, Shirley invites the psychiatrist home for dinner, and Jackie has the Taras Bulba look. By elimination, then, Kelsey sports the new tattoo, and Oddy locks himself in the sauna. This week's shows on The Oddbornes thus are

  • M.: Shirley invites a psychiatrist to dinner
  • Tu.: Jackie gets a Taras Bulba hairstyle
  • W.: Kelsey comes home with an angel tattoo
  • Th. Bjorn's pet monkey eats the fruit salad
  • F.: Oddy locks himself in the sauna

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