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The Oddbornes
This week's adventures with the 2002 version of the Nelsons.
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August 26, 2002
Each of this week's episodes of the hit reality program, The Oddbornes, features a different member of the family of Rock's Duke of Darkness, with one show starring daughter Kelsey. Each episode revolves around a different event in the person's life, with one show featuring a family member getting locked in the sauna and emerging prunelike and bleep-ing. From the TV guide below, you should be able to schedule this week's Oddbornes: which family member's antics headline each show M-F and what he or she did to toss the family into typical uproar.

  1. The episode starring wife Shirley is on the evening before the show where one family member gets a faddish Taras Bulba hairstyle.
  2. The program centering on one family member's new bright angel tattoo is on the night before the show featuring son Bjorn.
  3. The evening before Oddy Oddborne himself is the center of attention one family member's pet monkey causes pandemonium.
  4. The episode during which one Oddborne invites a psychiatrist for dinner to decide the sanity of the family is on the day before daughter Jackie stars.
  5. Bjorn Oddborne, who isn't at the center of Tuesday's show, isn't the one sporting the new hairstyle.
  6. Oddy isn't the one who gets the angel tattoo, mainly because, as he says, "Where'd I put the bleep-ing fing!"
  7. The family member whose pet monkey eats the fruit salad prepared for the PTA meeting isn't Shirley Oddborne.

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