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Moving Day
Many hands make light moving for the Mayflowers.
August 19, 2002
From the introduction, no two men paired in both the morning and afternoon; further, in the a.m. the movers cleared the downstairs (living room, dining room, family room, and kitchen), and in the p.m. moved the upstairs and garage (master bedroom, boy's bedroom, girl's bedroom, garage). By clue 1, three of the four pairs in the morning moving were Jack and Mr. Newman, Dave and Mr. Lopez, and the two who packed up the kitchen. In the afternoon, then, Jack teamed with Mr. Thoreau and Dave with Mr. Wilcox, and one pair moved the girl's bedroom (15). Newman therefore isn't Jack or Dave (1), and didn't help move the girl's bedroom (11); Newman and his p.m. partner were the fourth pair to the three in clue 15. Lopez isn't Jack or Dave (1) and didn't partner Newman in the afternoon (6), so Lopez helped move the girl's bedroom. Thoreau isn't Jack or Dave (15) and didn't work on the kitchen in the morning moving (7), so he and his a.m. partner were the fourth pair to the three in clue 1. Wilcox isn't Jack or Dave (15) and didn't pair with Thoreau in the morning (10), so he was one of the men who moved the kitchen. By clue 8, Greg and Ian worked together in the morning--not on the kitchen (12). They are Thoreau and his partner or vice versa. By clue 8, Greg partnered with Ed in the p.m. Greg can't then be Thoreau, who partnered with Jack. Ian is Thoreau. Greg isn't Lopez, who teamed with Dave in the a.m. work; nor is Ed Lopez (13). Since Greg isn't Newman, who paired with Jack in the morning, he partnered Ed Newman in the afternoon. By clue 9, Chad worked on the boy's bedroom in the afternoon and is thus Wilcox. By clue 5, when Al and Rubens formed a pair, they didn't pack up the girl's bedroom. They teamed in the morning, and Al is Lopez and Dave Rubens. By elimination, Bill paired with Chad in the morning and Al in the afternoon. Since Ian never paired with Mr. Preston (3), Preston must be Bill. Jack and Greg are Sanders and Miller or vice versa. By clue 4, then, the man who worked the dining room and then the boy's bedroom must be Dave Rubens. By clue 7, Ian Thoreau didn't work on the garage. He and Jack packed the master bedroom, while Ed and Greg moved the garage. Jack is Sanders and Greg Miller (14). Jack Sanders helped move the living room furniture in the morning (2), while Greg Miller paired on the family room. In sum, the eight men paired as follows to help their friend Mike Mayflower move:


  • Jack Sanders & Ed Newman, living room
  • Al Lopez & Dave Rubens, dining room
  • Bill Preston & Chad Wilcox, kitchen
  • Greg Miller & Ian Thoreau, family room
  • Jack Sanders & Ian Thoreau, master bedroom
  • Dave Rubens & Chad Wilcox, boy's bedroom
  • Al Lopez & Bill Preston, girl's bedroom
  • Greg Miller & Ed Newman, garage

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