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Moving Day
Many hands make light moving for the Mayflowers.
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August 19, 2002
When Mike Mayflower and his family recently moved into a larger house, Bill and seven other of Mike's friends helped with the move from the old residence. In the morning, the eight paired off so that each twosome packed and loaded one downstairs room (living room, dining room, family room, kitchen); in the afternoon, the eight formed four new duos, each then moving one upstairs room (master bedroom, boy's bedroom, girl's bedroom) or the garage. Given the Moving Day data below, can you decide how the men paired off in the a.m. and p.m. and what room each duo moved for the Mayflowers?

  1. In the morning, three of the pairs who worked on the downstairs were Jack and Mr. Newman, Dave and Mr. Lopez, and the twosome who packed up the kitchen.
  2. Mr. Sanders wasn't one of the family room movers.
  3. Ian and Mr. Preston didn't partner during the move.
  4. One man helped load the dining room in the a.m. and the boy's bedroom in the p.m.
  5. The area Al and Mr. Rubens packed when they partnered wasn't the girl's bedroom.
  6. Newman and Lopez didn't work together during the afternoon.
  7. Thoreau didn't help move the kitchen in the morning or the garage in the afternoon.
  8. Greg paired with Ian in the a.m. and Ed in the p.m.
  9. In the afternoon, Chad helped with the boy's bedroom.
  10. In the morning, Mr. Wilcox and Mr. Thoreau worked in different downstairs rooms.
  11. Newman's afternoon wasn't spent helping move the girl's bedroom.
  12. Ian and his morning mate weren't the twosome who packed up the Mayflowers' kitchen.
  13. Ed and Lopez work with Mike Mayflower at Vaporware, Inc.
  14. Mr. Miller wasn't one of the two who worked on loading the master bedroom furniture into the Hertz truck.
  15. In the afternoon, Jack teamed with Thoreau and Dave paired with Wilcox; neither duo moved the girl's bedroom.

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