Holes in One
Five miniature golf players score aces.
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When five friends recently played a round at the Putter Around Miniature Golf Course, each scored a hole in one on a different one of the course's 18 greens. Given the scorecard below, you should be able to find on which hole (number and name) each golfer scored a hole in one.

  1. One of the five won a free game pass by scoring a hole in one on the 18th hole.
  2. One of the five scored an ace on the Camelback, 7 holes after Brent got his hole in one; Brent's ace came later in the round than the one scored by another putter on the Double Dogleg.
  3. Ryan's hole in one came 3 holes after the ace one player scored on the tough Loop-de-Loop.
  4. The ace at the Giant Windmill came 5 holes after Ian scored his hole in one; Jana got a hole in one earlier on the course than Ian did.
  5. One player aced the 3rd hole, the Waterfall.
  6. Tess scored her hole in one 7 holes after one of the others aced a green.
  7. There were more holes in one on the back nine (holes 10-18) than on the front nine.