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Skunk Hollow Farms
Growers of tomatoes, garlic, onions, and pistachios.
August 5, 2002
By clue 1, the part of Skunk Hollow Farms managed by Jed is flanked by the part managed by Cropper and the acreage where pistachios are grown. By clue 2, Lennie's responsibility is flanked by Waters' and the garlic fields. If Jed and Lennie had areas directly opposite each other, Cropper would have to manage the garlic fields--no (clue 5). So, Lennie is either Cropper or manages the pistachio farming. Since Jed isn't Waters (4), in clue 2, Jed oversees the garlic growing, and Waters' part of Skunk Hollow is directly opposite Jed's. By clue 3, George's fields are flanked by Pickens' and the onion fields. If George were Cropper or managed the pistachio crop, Jed would be Pickens and Waters would direct the onion production--no (8). So, George is Waters; and Pickens is in charge of pistachio production and Cropper in charge of the onion fields. By elimination, Jed is McDonald; and George Waters is tomato farm manager. Slim is Pickens (6), and Lennie Cropper. The tomatoes are in the South 100 (7). By clue 6, Slim Pickens' pistachios are in the West 100, with the onions in the East 100. Garlic grows in the North 100. In sum, the crop production at Skunk Hollow Farms is run as follows:

  • Jed McDonald, garlic in the North 100
  • Lennie Cropper, onions in the East 100
  • George Waters, tomatoes in the South 100
  • Slim Pickens, pistachios in the West 100

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