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At the Casa de Bandito
A Mexican food fiesta for six dining friends makes a 4-Star Logic Puzzle feast.
July 29, 2002
From the introduction, the six diners sat with one each at the head and foot of the table and two on each side. By clue 1, the six were seated alternately man-woman around the table. Therefore, the head and foot places were occupied in some order by a man and a woman, while on the sides the Mexican food fans sat man directly opposite man and woman directly opposite woman. By clue 10, then, Ms. Vincent and Mr. Stover must have sat at the head and foot of the table or vice versa. Jeff sat directly across from the person who ordered the Cheese Quesadilla appetizer (2). Since Jeff isn't Mr. Stover (clue 7), Jeff sat in one of the side chairs, and the man opposite Jeff had Cheese Quesadilla as his appetizer. Jeff sat either to Ms. Vincent's right or left. If Jeff had been to her right and the man who ordered the Cheese Quesadilla to her left, by clue 6, where Chad sat to the left of the woman (1) who ordered Chicken Fajitas, who sat to the left of the man (1) who had Stuffed Jalapenos as an appetizer, Chad would have to be the man who had the Cheese Quesadillas and Jeff the one who ordered the Stuffed Jalapenos. By clue 11, however, Chad then would have had a Beef Burrito for an entree--but didn't. So, Jeff sat to Ms. Vincent's left and the man who had Cheese Quesadilla for an appetizer sat to her right. If Chad were the man who had the Cheese Quesadilla, by clue 6, Mr. Stover would have ordered the Stuffed Jalapenos. Then Ms. Vincent's entree would have been the Beef Burrito (11)--no (16). Therefore, Chad must be Stover; and Ben ordered the Cheese Quesadilla as his appetizer. By clue 6, then, Jeff had an appetizer of Stuffed Jalapenos, and the woman who sat between Jeff and Chad had Chicken Fajitas as her entree. By clue 11, Ben ordered a Beef Burrito for his entree. By clue 14, Ben isn't Mr. Fox, so Jeff is. Since the three women are Ms. Hanson (5), Ms. Cabrillo (8), and Ms. Vincent, Ben is Berger. From the man-woman order in clue 1 and by clue 8, besides the Beef Burrito that Ben had as an entree, one of the men chose Steak Picado, while another ordered a Chimichanga (13). Then besides the Chicken Fajitas, the women had Fish Tacos and Chili Colorado. In clue 3, then, Lisa sits opposite another woman; Lisa had Chicken Fajitas, and the woman who sat directly across the table from Lisa had Chili Colorado. By elimination, Ms. Vincent chose Fish Tacos. Then Chad Stover ordered Queso Fundido as an appetizer (12). Chad then did not order Steak Picado for dinner (4), so Jeff did. Chad ate a Chimichanga. By clue 8, Ms. Cabrillo is Lisa. Ms. Hanson had Chili Colorado. By clue 9, Alicia cannot be Ms. Vincent; Alicia is Ms. Hanson, and Lisa's choice of appetizer was Mexican Meatball Soup. Ms. Vincent is Tanya. Alicia Hanson opted for Flautas and Tanya Vincent for Tortilla Soup as appetizers (5). Finally, by clue 15, Tanya sat at the head of the table and Chad at the foot; Jeff and then Lisa sat to Tanya's left, opposite Ben and Alicia repsectively. The six friends enjoyed Mexican meals, seated clockwise starting from the head of the table, as follows:

  • Tanya Vincent, Tortilla Soup and Fish Tacos
  • Jeff Fox, Stuffed Jalapenos and Steak Picado
  • Lisa Cabrillo, Mexican Meatball Soup and Chicken Fajitas
  • Chad Stover, Queso Fundido and Chimichanga
  • Alicia Hanson, Flautas and Chili Colorado
  • Ben Berger, Cheese Quesadilla and Beef Burrito

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