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At the Casa de Bandito
A Mexican food fiesta for six dining friends makes a 4-Star Logic Puzzle feast.
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July 29, 2002
Last Friday, six friends met at Casa de Bandito in Old Town for dinner at the popular Mexican cantina. Each of the six ordered a different appetizer, one picking Flautas, and a different entree from the menu. The six were seated around a rectangular table, with one person at the head directly opposite another at the foot, and with the other four sitting two to each side of the table directly opposite each other. Given the clues below, can you find each Casa de Bandito diner's full name (one surname is Berger), the appetizer and entree he or she enjoyed, and the seating arrangement clockwise starting with the head of the table.

  1. The six were seated alternately man-woman around the table.
  2. Jeff sat directly opposite the person who ordered Cheese Quesadilla for an appetizer.
  3. Lisa was seated directly opposite the person whose entree was Chili Colorado.
  4. The person who had Steak Picado as an entree didn't have Queso Fundido as an appetizer.
  5. Ms. Hanson isn't the diner who enjoyed Casa de Bandito's famous Tortilla Soup as an appetizer.
  6. Chad sat to the immediate left of the person who had Chicken Fajitas as an entree; the person who ate Chicken Fajitas was to the immediate left of the one who ordered the Stuffed Jalapenos appetizer.
  7. Jeff and Stover both say Mexican is their food favorite.
  8. The person who picked Steak Picado sat to Ms. Cabrillo's immediate right.
  9. The one who enjoyed the spicy heat of Mexican Meatball Soup as an appetizer sat directly opposite Alicia at the table.
  10. Ms. Vincent sat directly opposite Mr. Stover at dinner.
  11. The one who ordered Stuffed Jalapenos sat directly opposite the person who had a Beef Burrito for an entree; the latter isn't Chad.
  12. The diner who had Fish Tacos for an entree sat directly opposite the friend who started with Queso Fundido.
  13. The entree choice of one of the men was a Chimichanga.
  14. Ben and Mr. Fox paid for the dinner in celebration of recent bonuses at work.
  15. Tanya wasn't seated in the chair at the foot of the table.
  16. Ms. Vincent did not have the Beef Burrito.

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