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Zoo Names
Summerset Zoo sells naming rights to baby animals.
July 22, 2002
From the introduction, the Summerset Zoo raised $40,000 from the naming rights, with no two sponsors paying the same sum. Three of the animal babies are given in clue 5: the baby rhino's name sold for $5,000 more than the animal named Mimosa, which brought in $5,000 more than the baby whose name was picked by Toys4U. By clue 8, the orangutan's naming rights brought in $5,000 more than what Vaporware, Inc. paid. Since no two names sold for the same amount of money, the orangutan can't be the baby named Mimosa, or Toys4U (5) and Vaporware, Inc. (8) would have paid the same sum. If Toys4U had named the baby orangutan and Vaporware, Inc. had paid the least, $2,500 (1), Toys4U would have paid $7,500 (8), Mimosa would have fetched $12,500, and the baby rhino's name would have cost $17,500--a total of $40,000 and meaning the fifth name would have sold for $0. Similarly, if Vaporware, Inc. had bought the naming rights to the baby rhino and Toys4U had donated the least amount of $2,500, Mimosa would have brought in $7,500, the baby rhino's name would have gone for $12,500 (5), and the orangutan would have fetched $17,500--again totaling a contradictory $40,000. Therefore, all five animal babies are given between clues 5 and 8: the baby rhino, the animal named Mimosa, the one Toys4U named (5), the baby orangutan, and the animal Vaporware, Inc., sponsored (8). Either Toys4U (5) or Vaporware, Inc. (8), paid the least amount, $2,500 (1), for naming rights. If Toys4U had spent $2,500, Mimosa's name would have cost $7,500 and the rhino's $12,500 (5), a total of $22,500--leaving $17,500 for the two in clue 8. Letting Vaporware, Inc's expenditure be X, the orangutan name would have cost X + 5,000. Solving, 2X + 5,000 would equal 17,500, or 2X would equal 12,500, making X 6,250. Vaporware, Inc. would have paid $6,250 and the orangutan naming would have brought the zoo $11,250. However, by clue 3, the company that named one animal Winkle paid $2,500 more than the sponsor of the platypus. The numbers given Toys4U spent $2,500 do not have a $2,500 gap. So, Vaporware, Inc. paid $2,500; and the orangutan's naming rights went for $7,500 (8)--a total of $10,000, leaving $30,000 for the names in clue 5. Letting the amount Toys4U paid equal X, Mimosa's name would have sold for X + 5,000 and the rhino's naming for X + 10,000. Solving, 3X + 15,000 equals 30,000, or 3X = 15,000 and X = 5,000. Toys4U spent $5,000, the name Mimosa fetched $10,000, and the rhino's naming sold for $15,000. By clue 9, Toys4U didn't name the baby platypus. In clue 3, therefore, the name Winkle was the one chosen by Toys4U, and Vaporware, Inc. named the baby platypus. Winkle is the warthog (2), and Mimosa the baby giraffe. By clue 6, one sponsor named the baby rhino Roland, and Horizon Homes named the orangutan. Vaporware, Inc. named the platypus Bill, and Koko is the orangutan (4). By clue 7, Old Army Stores chose the rhino's name, and Soundbite Communications named the giraffe. In sum, the Summerset Zoo baby animals' names were sponsored as follows:

  • Roland the rhinoceros by Old Army Stores for $15,000
  • Mimosa the giraffe by Soundbite Communications for $10,000
  • Koko the orangutan by Horizon Homes for $7,500
  • Winkle the warthog by Toys4U for $5,000
  • Bill the platypus by Vaporware, Inc. for $2,500

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