Zoo Names
Summerset Zoo sells naming rights to baby animals.
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When five new baby animals were born recently, Summerset Zoo decided to follow the lead of various athletic teams and sell naming rights to local businesses. Each of five sponsors, including Soundbite Communications, paid a different amount of money to choose one animal's name; and the Zoo realized $40,000 total from the idea. Given the clues below, can you solve this Logic Puzzle by finding each different animal's name (one is Bill) and how much the sponsor of each paid for the naming rights?

  1. The smallest amount paid to name an animal was $2,500.
  2. The warthog isn't the baby animal named Mimosa.
  3. The sponsor who named one baby Winkle spent $2,500 more for naming rights than the company naming the platypus.
  4. Vaporware, Inc. isn't the company that named one baby Koko.
  5. The rhinoceros' naming rights cost $5,000 more than those for the animal named Mimosa and $10,000 more than what Toys4U paid.
  6. The company that named one animal Roland spent twice as much as Horizon Homes did.
  7. The baby giraffe isn't the animal named by Old Army Stores.
  8. The sponsor who named the orangutan paid $5,000 more for rights than Vaporware, Inc.
  9. Toys4U didn't buy the naming rights to the baby platypus.