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The Fillmore Dirigible: Opening Act
The Fillmore Dirigible opens for country headliners.
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July 15, 2002
Next month, the country rock group Fillmore Dirigible will be the opening act at five major concerts, each starring a different country music headliner. The concerts are scheduled for every Saturday in the month, starting Aug. 3, and each will be held at a different venue in a different city. Given the tour info below, can you reconstruct the Fillmore Dirigible's August Saturday schedule: for which country artist(s), at what venue, and in what city will the group be the opening act each weekend?

  1. The Fillmore Dirigible will open at the Collegetown concert two weeks before opening the show at The Marquee.
  2. The Alan Jefferson concert isn't the one scheduled for Aug. 31.
  3. Neither the Blue Boys nor the Mississippi Mudhowlers is the act the group will open for at the Independence Hall event.
  4. The weekend before the Dirigible kicks off the Ann-Leigh Rhymes concert, the group opens at the concert in Ramona. The weekend after the Rhymes concert, the Dirigible is the opening act for the show at the 1,500 seat Hard Hearted Hannah's.
  5. The Gareth Rivers concert isn't the one in Ocean City.
  6. The concert at Hard Hearted Hannah's doesn't star the Blue Boys.
  7. The weekend after opening the concert in La Vista, the Fillmore Dirigible will open for country giant Alan Jefferson.
  8. The Marquee isn't the venue in Ocean City nor the one in Beechview.
  9. The weekend after opening the Copa Club show, the Dirigible will kick off the Blue Boys concert.
  10. The concert at the Desert Amphitheatre isn't the one in La Vista.

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