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New Computer Programmers
Vaporware, Inc., adds five new college graduates to its technical staff.
July 8, 2002
From the introduction, the five new programmers at Vaporware, Inc., include two women and three men. One of the men is Mr. Screen (clue 1), who isn't Peter (1) or Jeff (5) and is thus Chad. Neither Peter, Chad (1), Melanie (4), nor Alice (8) is the new hire from Power Tech, so Jeff is. In clue 1, then, where all five of the computer programmers are listed, Alice and Melanie are assigned to the E-Mail Tool and Graphical Interface teams, in some order. Neither Jeff (5) nor Peter (9) is the one on the Applications Server team, so Chad Screen is. By clue 6, neither of the women graduated from Summerset State. By clue 10, Chad also didn't attend Summerset State; Peter did. Then Peter isn't on the Call Center team (10); he is on the Database team, and Jeff works on the Call Center product. By clue 13, Peter is Mr. Boardman. The new hire from the University of the North isn't Chad (7) and isn't on the Graphical Interface team (11); she works on the E-Mail Tool. Since the woman who has been assigned to the Graphical Interface team must be from Amherst A. & M. or Thurber College, she isn't Ms. Hightower (2), who is on the E-Mail Tool team. Jeff is Askey (3), and (Ms.) Keys works on the Graphical Interface team. Ms. Keys is Alice and attended Thurber College (12). Melanie is Hightower, and Chad Screen graduated from Amherst A. & M. In sum, the five new hires at Vaporware, Inc., are assigned to the E.phemeral product as follows:

  • Alice Keys, Thurber College, Graphical Interface
  • Melanie Hightower, Un. of the North, E-Mail Tool
  • Chad Screen, Amherst A. & M., Applications Server
  • Jeff Askey, Power Tech, Call Center
  • Peter Boardman, Summerset State, Database

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