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New Computer Programmers
Vaporware, Inc., adds five new college graduates to its technical staff.
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July 8, 2002
Business software maker Vaporware, Inc., recently hired five new college graduates in computer programming to work on its customer management product, E.phemeral 10.1. Each of the five hires--two women (Alice, Melanie) and three men (Chad, Jeff, Peter)--is assigned to a team working on a different part of the overall product; one is assigned to the Database team. Given the input below, you should be able solve this Logic Problem by computing each person's full name, where he or she received a C.S. degree, and the E.phemeral 10.1 team for which he or she develops software.

  1. The five new computer programmers at Vaporware, Inc., are Peter, the graduate of Power Tech, the person assigned to the E-Mail Tool product, Mr. Screen, and the one on the Graphical Interface team.
  2. Ms. Hightower isn't the C.S. grad from Amherst A. & M. or Thurber College.
  3. Askey isn't assigned to the Graphical Interface project.
  4. Melanie didn't attend Power Tech.
  5. Jeff, who isn't Screen, isn't the one working on the Applications Server software.
  6. Neither of the two women graduated from Summerset State.
  7. The new hire out of the University of the North isn't Chad.
  8. The Power Tech alum isn't Alice.
  9. Peter's assignment isn't to the Applications Server group.
  10. The C.S. graduate from Summerset State is on neither the E.phemeral Call Center project nor the Applications Server team.
  11. The person who writes software in support of the product's Graphical Interface didn't come to the company from the University of the North.
  12. New employee Keys, who isn't Melanie, didn't earn a degree from Amherst A. & M.
  13. Mr. Boardman's initial Vaporware, Inc., job isn't on the Call Center team.

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