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Chowing Down in the Cays
The Sand family samples the downhome food of the Carolina Cays in this summer Challenger.
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June 24, 2002
Last week, the Sand family enjoyed a vacation at a seaside cottage on Southern Cay, the last of six small islands called the Carolina Cays that go from south to north toward the Carolina mainland. The cays are joined in series by bridges so that Southern Cay is connected to the first cay north of it by a bridge, the first cay is connected to the second-most-northerly island by a bridge, etc., with the fifth, most-northerly, island then connected by the Cays Gateway Bridge to the mainland. Each night of the week Monday-Friday the Sands dined at a different restaurant--one evening sampling the pulled pork at Mr. Pigg's BBQ--with each restaurant being in a town on a different one of the five cays between Southern Cay and the mainland. Given the logs below, can you determine the geography of the Carolina Cays by finding their order south-to-north and the order of the bridges that connect them in series between Southern Cay and the mainland, as well as finding at which restaurant, in which town, and on which evening the Sand family dined on each of the five cays during summer vacation?

  1. On Monday, the last bridge the Sand family crossed to get to the restaurant where they dined, which wasn't on the northernmost cay in the string, was the Sunken Galleon Bridge.
  2. The McDonald's where the Sand children insisted on eating one evening isn't on Blackbeard Cay or Coral Cay.
  3. Friday's meal wasn't at Feeney's Fish & Chips, which isn't the restaurant on Shark Cay.
  4. The Sands ate dinner in Kingsport on Tuesday evening.
  5. The day after they were at a restaurant in Ocean City, the family drove through Ocean City on their way to a restaurant in Queenstown.
  6. After turning onto Carolina Cay Highway from the parking lot of the Jamaica Jerk Cafe, where they had just eaten, the Sands immediately drove across the Gold Arch Bridge on the return to their cottage; the cafe, which isn't the northernmost of the five restaurants, isn't on Blackbeard Cay.
  7. On Thursday evening, driving to dinner, the family crossed the bridge from Shark Cay to the island where Spanish Harbor is situated; they then reached the next cay north via the Sir Francis Drake Bridge.
  8. Dinner at Joe's Crab Shack was the evening before the meal at the Delmar Beach restaurant.
  9. After their dinner in Kingsport, the Sand family only drove through the town one time to eat somewhere else north.
  10. En route to McDonald's one evening, the Sands drove over the Royal Reef Bridge; on another evening, they crossed the bridge en route to a restaurant on Petit Cay.
  11. Joe's Crab Shack isn't on Petit Cay.
  12. Ocean City isn't on the first cay north of Southern Cay.
  13. When the Sands ate on Grand Cay, the first bridge they crossed to return to their vacation cottage was the Blue Marlin Bridge; the Blue Marlin Bridge isn't the first one south of the Cays Gateway Bridge.
  14. On their trip to Feeney's Fish & Chips, the family didn't cross the Sunken Galleon Bridge.

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