Making Dad's Day
College gear for dad on Father's Day.
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For Father's Day yesterday, each of Paul Pere's four children, including the Duke student, gave him a gift emblazoned with the name of the university where he or she has just completed a different year (senior, junior, sophomore, and freshman) of study. One of the gifts is a gold key ring. From the clues below, can you determine which gift Mr. Pere received from each and the year of college he or she has now completed?

  1. The four Pere children are Danielle, the one who attends Rice University, the one who gave Paul a coffee mug, and the one who completed freshman year.
  2. Neither Chad nor Tanya is the one at Stanford University.
  3. The freshman isn't attending Northwestern.
  4. The child who gave dad a baseball cap is one year ahead of Chad, who isn't a junior, in school.
  5. The one who gave Paul a seat cushion isn't the senior.
  6. Jeremy is ahead of the Northwestern University student in college.
  7. Danielle's gift isn't the baseball cap.
  8. The coffee mug doesn't have "Stanford" emblazoned on it.