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Heard It Through the (Cell Phone) Grapevine
A rumor spreads quickly when cell phones fly into action.
June 10, 2002
From the introduction, one girl called a 2nd, who called a 3rd, etc., through a 5th call to the 6th girl. By clue 4, Cerise called the girl who was at the Express store at Summerset Mall, who then called the Graham girl (13). The Graham girl then called another girl (6). So, starting with Cerise, these consecutive calls were made: Cerise to the girl at the Express store to the Graham girl to the 4th friend. By clue 1, Lisa called the South girl. Since the South girl isn't Cerise (9) and Lisa is neither the Graham girl nor was called by the Graham girl (6), Lisa and the South girl are the 5th and 6th girls to the four in the sequence starting with Cerise. Therefore, either Lisa made the 1st call and Cerise the 3rd, or Cerise made the 1st call and Lisa the 5th. Testing the latter possibility, the calls would have been Cerise to the girl at the Express store to the Graham girl to the 4th girl to Lisa to the South girl. By clue 7, Dawn called Faith. Since Faith didn't call Lisa (11), Dawn would be the one at the Express store; and Faith would be Graham. By clue 3, one girl used her cell phone while in the bathtub to call Alicia. Since Lisa didn't make the call from the bathtub (14), Faith would have, and Alicia would be the 4th girl in the order, with Erica then last to be called. By clue 2, the Nokia girl was called by the friend who was at the Moonlight Skating Rink. However, since Alicia didn't place the call from the skating rink (10) and the Nokia girl isn't Dawn (12), there is no way for clue 2 to work in the arrangement being tried. Therefore, the order in which the girls made the calls is the first possibility above: Lisa to the South girl to Cerise to the girl at the Express store to the Graham girl to the 6th friend. By clue 7, Dawn called Faith; so Dawn is either the one at the Express store or is Graham. If Dawn were Graham, by clues 3 and 14, Cerise in the bathtub would have called Alicia, who would have been at the Mall's Express store--no (10). So, Dawn called from the Express store and Faith is Graham. By clues 3 and 14, Faith called Alicia while taking a bath. By elimination, Erica is South and took Lisa's call. Since Dawn isn't the Nokia girl (12), by clue 2, Cerise is, and Erica called Cerise from the skating rink. By clue 15, Alicia is the Alexander girl. She was at soccer practice when she was called (5). Since the Linesman girl didn't call from the car wash or Pizza Hut (16), she can't be Lisa and is Dawn. Lisa is the Bell girl, who didn't place her call from the Sparkle Car Wash (8); she called from Pizza Hut. By elimination, Cerise Nokia called from the car wash. In order, the cell phone calls were made as follows:

  • Lisa Bell, at Pizza Hut, to
  • Erica South, at Moonlight Skating Rink, to
  • Cerise Nokia, at the Sparkle Car Wash, to
  • Dawn Linesman, at the Express Store, to
  • Faith Graham, in the bathtub, to
  • Alicia Alexander, at soccer practice

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