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Memorial Day Speakers
Honorary speakers highlight holiday commemorations.
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May 27, 2002
In observance of Memorial Day today, five Washington County communities are honoring those who went before with official ceremonies. Each ceremony features a different main speaker who was born in the county, and each is held at a different venue, including one at the Civil War monument. From the information below, you should be able to find the title and full name of each speaker and at which venue in which community he or she will be commemorating the holiday.

  1. Roger isn't speaking at the Washington County courthouse ceremonies.
  2. Lincoln isn't the speaker at the observances in Linda Vista.
  3. Sherman is the speaker at Fallbrook's Memorial Day remembrance.
  4. Jane, who isn't the U. S. Army Lt. Gen. (ret.), isn't doing the honors at either the Linda Vista or the Summerset ceremonies.
  5. Three of the five Washington County observances are the one at which Claymore is the speaker, the one at the Veterans' Cemetery, and the one in Linda Vista.
  6. Roger and Gatling are giving their first Memorial Day speeches.
  7. The Medal of Honor-winning Marine Sgt., who isn't Claymore, isn't speaking in Linda Vista or Summerset.
  8. The member of the U. S. House of Representatives, who isn't speaking at the county courthouse ceremonies, isn't the featured speaker in Moro Bay.
  9. Neither Roger nor Hatcher is the U. S. Rep. or the Lt. Gen. (ret.).
  10. Three Memorial Day speakers are Lincoln, the speaker at the Veterans' Cemetery commemorations, and the speaker at the observances in Summerset.
  11. Brenda, who isn't the orator in Linda Vista, isn't giving the speech at the observance at the county courthouse.
  12. Gatling isn't the U. S. Rep. or the Lt. Gen. (ret.)
  13. The county fairgrounds, whose speaker isn't Jane, aren't in Summerset.
  14. Neither the Medal of Honor winner nor the U. S. Rep. is speaking at the Veterans' Cemetery.
  15. Claymore isn't Summerset's honorary speaker.
  16. The state Sen. isn't the speaker at the fairgrounds.
  17. Henry and the county commissioner compared notes on their speeches at lunch on Saturday.
  18. The commemorations at Battery Park aren't the ones in Grove City.
  19. The fairgrounds aren't in Moro Bay.
  20. Donald and Hatcher are Vietnam War veterans.

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