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A Big Week for Century 22
5 sales of 5 houses in 5 communities by 5 agents to 5 families.
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May 20, 2002
Last Friday, the five real estate agents who work at Summerset's Century 22 office celebrated that each had closed a sale during the week with dinner at Trattoria Fantastica. Each realtor sold a different style house in a different area development to a first-time-buying family. From the clues below, you should be able to solve our housing Logic Problem: each agent's full name, the style house he or she sold, the estate in which it is located, and the happy family who purchased it.

  1. Terri didn't sell the colonial.
  2. Trump sold the ranch-style house, but not to the Guevaras.
  3. Jack, who didn't sell the Cape Cod, had listed the house in Barnacle Bay that one of the others sold last week.
  4. The Dixons' realtor isn't Long.
  5. The Whites, who didn't buy a home from Cindy, purchased a 3-story townhouse, which isn't located in Wheatfields.
  6. Neither Jack nor Foster sold the Bergers their new home.
  7. Hammersmith isn't the one who sold the Mount Holly property.
  8. The five real estate agents are Ben, Long, the one who sold the colonial, the realtor who sold the house in The Heights, and the person from whom the Guevaras bought their new home.
  9. The Cape Cod isn't in Mount Holly or Wheatfields.
  10. The house Trump sold isn't in Mount Holly or Wheatfields.
  11. Good and the realtor who sold the Klines a house--which isn't the Cape Cod--both ordered fettucine Alfredo at the Trattoria Fantastica celebration.
  12. Alan, who isn't Long, sold one family a Victorian "Painted Lady."
  13. The home the Bergers purchased, which isn't the colonial, isn't in the seaside community of Barnacle Bay.
  14. The house Long sold is in neither Creekside nor Mount Holly.
  15. Foster, who isn't Cindy, isn't the agent who sold the Guevaras their new house.

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