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Letter Dice 1
In this different kind of Logic Puzzle, reconstruct the letters on the faces of the game cubes.
May 13, 2002
According to the introduction, each of the 24 faces of the Letter Dice has a different letter on it. Given the word MASK, we arbitrarily assign M to die 1, A to die 2, S to die 3, and K to die 4. From LAIR, L isn't on the same cube as A; and from SULK, L isn't on with S or K. L is on the same die as M. Then the U in SULK must be on the die with A. From LAIR, the R isn't on the cube with A or the cube with L . R also isn't on with S (RASH) and is therefore on the die that has the K. By elimination, the H in RASH must be on the die with ML; and the I in LAIR is on the cube with S. F isn't on the die with A, L (FLAW), or S (SAFE) and is on with KR. W in FLAW is on with SI. The E in SAFE is on the same die as MLH. From TOWN, the T and O aren't on the cube with W; and from PLOT, the T and O aren't on with L. T and O are on the dice with AU and KRF respectively or vice versa. Then the N in TOWN must be on with MLHE. In PLOT, the P can't be on either AU or KRF, since T and O are on those two dice. P must be on with SIW rather than MLHE. Then G (GAPE) is with KRF. From the word DEWY, the D and Y must also occupy faces in the AU and KRFG dice in some order; since O and Y must be on different cubes (COZY), TY must be on one die and OD on the other. The C and Z in COZY therefore must be on with MLHEN and KRFG or vice versa. From BECK, the C can't be on with the K, so C is on the die with SIWP and Z with MLHEN. By elimination, the B in BECK is on the cube with AU. Since the J and V in JOVE don't go with the E or the O on a die, one of them must go with the TY and the other on the cube with SIWPC. Given VOTE, the J goes on a die with TY and the V completes the cube with SIWPC on it. The cube with KRFG on it can hold only two more letters; therefore, the TYJ cannot fit on that die and must go with the AUB. The OD goes on the KRFG die. The faces on the four Letter Dice are

  • E-H-L-M-N-Z
  • A-B-J-T-U-Y
  • C-I-P-S-V-W
  • D-F-G-K-O-R

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