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The Rotatory Club
Rotatory Club members donate auction items at the monthly meeting.
May 6, 2002
From the introduction, the six were seated in order 1-6 clockwise around the table so that 1 is directly opposite 4, etc. By clue 2, Karen sat between the Volvo car salesman and the person who donated the watercolor of the covered bridge and directly opposite Mr. Ash. We will arbitrarily call Karen's seat #1, the car salesman's #2, Mr. Ash's #4, and the person who donated the painting's #6. By clue 14, Julia sat between Mr. Ball and the person who gave the autographed Smashers' baseball and opposite the antiques dealer. Since Karen didn't donate the Smashers's baseball (6), Julia couldn't have sat next to Karen, so she had to sit next to Mr. Ash. Since she sat opposite the antiques dealer (14), Julia couldn't sit in chair #5; she sat in chair #3. Then Mr. Ash donated the Smashers' baseball, Mr. Ball is a car salesman, and the covered bridge watercolor was donated by the antiques dealer (14). By clue 1, the six were not seated man-woman alternately; therefore, Linda is the antiques dealer, and the third man was in chair 5. By clue 7, Linda sat to Ian's left. Ian must be the man who sat in chair #5. Since Linda sat to Ian's left, our arbitrary ordering is in correct clockwise order, so that we do not have to reverse the alignment; we need only get the actual chair numbers from additional clues to complete solution. Mr. Ash thus sits to Ian's immediate right. Then he isn't Harry, who sits to Ms. Cobb's right (8). Harry must be Mr. Ball and Julia Ms. Cobb. Ash must be Michael. By clue 9, therefore, Ian is Dix, Julia is a State Farm insurance agent, and Karen donated 12 dance lessons at Arthur Murray. Neither Ian Dix (4) nor Karen (6) owns the Ocean's Fish Market, so Michael Ash does. Karen doesn't manage the Hampton Inn (10); Karen is the Summerset Area Hospital administrator, and Ian manages the Hampton Inn. Neither Harry (8) nor Julia (11) donated the weekend in the Ocean City condominium, so Ian did. Harry's auction donation was the home spa and Julia's the year of movies (13). By clue 5, Karen didn't sit in chairs 1, 2, or 3. Karen sat in chair 4, 5, or 6, with Harry then in 5, 6, or 1 and Ian in 2, 3, or 4 respectively. By clue 12, Harry didn't sit in 5; and by clue 3, Ian didn't sit in 4. Do Karen sat in chair #5, with Harry in #6, Julia in #1, Michael in #2, Ian in #3, and Linda in #4. Karen is Eads and Linda Flood (3). In sum, the six Rotatory Club members sat as follows:

  • 1 - Julia Cobb, insurance agent, year of movies
  • 2 - Michael Ash, fish marker owner, Smashers' baseball
  • 3 - Ian Dix, hotel manager, Ocean City condo
  • 4 - Linda Flood, antiques dealer, watercolor
  • 5 - Karen Eads, hospital administrator, dance lessons
  • 6 - Harry Ball, car salesman, home spa

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