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The Rotatory Club
Rotatory Club members donate auction items at the monthly meeting.
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May 6, 2002
At the last Rotatory Club monthly luncheon, Flood and five other members, each of whom has a different occupation, sat together at one table. Each of the six brought a different donation for the club's annual auction which raises funds for the group's many community service projects. Given the menu of clues below, can you find each of the six's full name, occupation, and auction gift, and where he or she sat at the table? (Note: the chairs are numbered 1-6 going clockwise around the table, so that #1 is directly opposite #4, #2 is directly opposite #5, and #3 is directly opposite #6.)

  1. The six Rotatory Club members did not sit alternating man-woman around the table.
  2. Karen was seated next to the Volvo car salesman and the person who donated a watercolor painting of a covered bridge and directly opposite Mr. Ash.
  3. The person seated in chair #4, who isn't Eads, and the manager of the local Hampton Inn drove car pooled to the meeting.
  4. Dix and the owner of the Ocean's Fish Market are co-directing the auction event for the club.
  5. The person who is administrator of the Summerset Area Hospital didn't sit in or next to chair #2.
  6. Karen, who didn't donate the baseball autographed by the entire Summerset Smashers team, and the fish market owner both had the roast chicken entree for lunch.
  7. Linda was seated to Ian's immediate left at the table.
  8. Harry, who sat to Ms. Cobb's immediate right, isn't the one who donated a weekend in an Ocean City condominium to the fundraiser.
  9. Michael sat next to Dix and the State Farm insurance agent and directly opposite the Rotatory member who gave 12 Arthur Murray dance lessons to be auctioned.
  10. The person who manages the Hampton Inn didn't donate the dance lessons.
  11. The insurance agent isn't the one who gave the Ocean City condo rental to the auction.
  12. The person who donated a home spa to be auctioned didn't sit in chair #5 at Friday's lunch.
  13. The person who donated a year of movies from Blockbuster isn't the car salesman.
  14. Julia sat next to Mr. Ball and the person who donated the Smashers' baseball and directly opposite the antiques dealer.

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