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Darby Jugs
Where do the prized Darby jugs sit in their display case?
April 29, 2002
From the introduction, the Darby jugs are displayed in a 3x3 case (3 rows of 3 columns), one jug per space. By clue 4, on one shelf the "Robin Hood" jug sits between the "Fox Hunter" and the jug bought in Blackpool. By clue 5, in spaces atop each other, the "Grenadier" is displayed directly above the Darby jug purchased in London, which is shown directly above the "King Henry VIII" likeness. Since Colleen didn't buy the "King Henry VIII" jug in Blackpool (8), the three jugs in clue 4 are on the middle or top shelf. By clue 1, the mug acquired in Durham sits immediately above the "Gamekeeper" one. Since the jug bought in Durham is neither the "Fox Hunter" nor the "Robin Hood" jug (10), the Durham purchase isn't on the same shelf as the three in clue 4. If the three in clue 4 were on the middle shelf, the jug bought in Durham would have to sit above the "Gamekeeper" (1) from Blackpool--no (8). So, the three jugs in clue 4 are displayed on the top shelf. By clue 5, then, the "Grenadier" must be the jug purchased in Blackpool; and the London buy and then the "King Henry VIII" jugs sit directly under it. By clue 9, the jug Colleen got in Plymouth is shown between the "Sherlock Holmes" and the one bought in Coventry. If these jugs were on the middle shelf, the London purchase would be the "Sherlock Holmes" jug, a conflict with clue 12. Therefore, on the bottom shelf, the jug Colleen acquired in Plymouth is in the middle between the "King Henry VIII" from Coventry and the "Sherlock Holmes." Since the jug purchased in Durham isn't on the top shelf (10), by clue 1, it sits in the center of the middle row above the "Gamekeeper" likeness from Plymouth. By clue 3, the "Old Tar" must be the jug purchased in Durham, with the jug bought in Dover displayed under the "Fox Hunter." By clue 11, Colleen bought the "Sherlock Holmes" in Bristol. She got the "Bobby" jug in London and the "Barrister" in Dover (6). The "Robin Hood" jug is from York and the "Fox Hunter" from Gloucester (7). By clue 2, the "Fox Hunter" from Gloucester isn't in the upper left corner, so it must be in the upper right with the Blackpool "Grenadier" in the top left. Colleen has the Darby jugs displayed in order facing the case and going from left to right and top to bottom:

  • The "Grenadier," Blackpool
  • "Robin Hood," York
  • The "Fox Hunter," Gloucester
  • The "Bobby," London
  • The "Old Tar," Durham
  • The "Barrister," Dover
  • "King Henry VIII," Coventry
  • The "Gamekeeper," Plymouth
  • "Sherlock Holmes," Bristol

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