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Darby Jugs
Where do the prized Darby jugs sit in their display case?
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April 29, 2002
Among Colleen Packrat's many prized possessions is a collection of nine Darby jugs brought back from her recent trip to England. Each of the jugs is molded in the likeness of a famous person or character or of a representative of a facet of English society. Colleen was overjoyed to find each jug at a great flea market price in a different English city. The jugs are shown one to a space in a 3x3 (3 shelves with 3 equal spaces on each shelf) display case. Can you decide which Darby jug Colleen purchased in which city and where it sits in the display? (Note: spaces are designated upper left across and then down to lower left facing the case.)

  1. The Darby jug Colleen picked up in Durham sits in the space directly above that occupied by the "Gamekeeper" jug.
  2. The jug in the top left space isn't the one bought in Gloucester.
  3. On one shelf, the "Old Tar" and the jug purchased in Dover sit in adjacent spaces.
  4. The "Robin Hood" jug is flanked on one shelf by the "Fox Hunter" and the collectible Colleen found in Blackpool.
  5. The "Grenadier" is displayed directly above the London jug, which sits in the space directly above "King Henry VIII"'s.
  6. Colleen didn't buy the "Bobby" in Dover.
  7. The "Barrister" jug and the one bought in York don't sit above or below each other in the case.
  8. The Darby jug discovered in Blackpool isn't the "Gamekeeper" or the "Henry VIII."
  9. On one shelf, the jug purchased in Plymouth sits between the one Colleen copped in Coventry and her favorite jug, the "Sherlock Holmes."
  10. Neither the "Fox Hunter" nor the "Robin Hood" jug was acquired in Durham.
  11. The jug Colleen bought in Bristol isn't on the top shelf of the display.
  12. Colleen's London find isn't the "Sherlock Holmes" jug.

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