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The Sandwich Honors
Gator of Gator's Grill creates sandwiches for his friends.
April 15, 2002
From the introduction, the five sandwiches named after Gator's friends are priced at $10.95. $9.95, $8.95, $7.95, and $6.95. By clue 1, the Popeye costs $2.00 more than the turkey club, while by clue 7, the Wendy costs $2.00 more than the Italian sub. The only ways for these two clues to fit together given the prices is for either the Popeye or the Wendy to cost $10.95 and the other $8.95 or for the two sandwiches to be a dollar apart in price. If the Popeye costs $10.95 and the Wendy $8.95, the Wendy would be a turkey club (1)--which it isn't (4). Similarly, if the Wendy costs $10.95 and the Popeye $8.95, the Popeye would be the Italian sub (7)--no (3). So, the two sandwiches are $1.00 apart in price with either the Popeye or the Wendy costing more. If the Wendy costs $1.00 more than the Popeye, then the Italian sub would sell for $1.00 less than the Popeye (7) and the turkey club would cost $1.00 less than the Italian sub (1)--the four would be four consecutive prices of the five. By clue 6, the tuna melt's price is $1.00 higher than the McDonald's. The only way clue 6 could fit with the arrangement of clues 1 and 7 where the Wendy costs more than the Popeye and where there are five sandwiches named would be for the Popeye to be the tuna melt--a conflict with clue 3. Therefore, the Wendy doesn't cost more than the Popeye; the Popeye sells for $1.00 more than the Wendy. The turkey club is priced $1.00 less than the Wendy (1), and the Italian sub costs $1.00 less than the club (7)--again for four consecutive menu prices of the five. By clue 6, the tuna melt is priced $1.00 more than the McDonald. The only way clue 6 can fit into the clues 1 and 7 order without there being six sandwiches is that the tuna melt is the Wendy and the McDonald the turkey club. By clue 2, the Carl is neither the crab cake sandwich nor the garden burger; the Carl is the Italian sub. Since the Papa Bell costs less than the crab cake sandwich (5), the Papa Bell is the garden burger and costs $6.95, with the Popeye crab cake sandwich then priced at $10.95. The Wendy costs $9.95, the McDonald $8.95, and the Carl $7.95. The five sandwiches sell at Gator's Grill as follows:

  • $10.95 - the Popeye crab cake sandwich
  • $9.95 - the Wendy tuna melt
  • $8.95 - the McDonald turkey club
  • $7.95 - the Carl Italian sub
  • $6.95 - the Papa Bell garden burger

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