The Sandwich Honors
Gator of Gator's Grill creates sandwiches for his friends.
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When Gator's Grill recently opened, Gator created five sandwiches for the dinner menu each of which he named in honor of one of his friends. The sandwiches are priced on the grill menu at $10.95, $9.95, $8.95, $7.95, and $6.95. From the carte de logic menu below, can you find which sandwich Gator named for each friend and how much it costs?

  1. The Popeye costs $2.00 more than the turkey club.
  2. The sandwich Gator named the Carl is neither the crab cake sandwich nor the garden burger.
  3. The Popeye at Gator's Grill isn't the Italian sub or the tuna melt.
  4. The sandwich created in honor of Wendy isn't the turkey club.
  5. On the menu, the crab cake sandwich is priced higher than the Papa Bell.
  6. The tuna melt costs $1.00 more than the McDonald.
  7. The Gator Grill Wendy costs $2.00 more than the Italian sub.