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The Muddville Marauders--Then and Now
Batter up for Muddville baseball.
April 7, 2002
By clue 1, three of the father-son pairs include the dads who played SS and 3B and the son who played 3B. A fourth pair played P then and 2B now (4). By clue 6, one father-son pair both played C, so they are the fifth to the four in clues 1 and 4. Also by clue 6, a father and son shared one other position on opening day. If the father of the current 3B had played 1B, then the only position both a father and son could have played would be SS. But, by clue 9, the Carltons father and son started at the same position, but not at C or SS. So, the father of this year's 3B played 2B in 1977; and by clue 6, the then and now 1B are a father-son pair--by clue 9, the Carltons. Since only two father-son pairs shared a position (6), the SS's son must play P and the 3B's son SS. Since Ron isn't Carlton (5), in clue 1, where all six are named, Ron and Bench played P and C or vice versa on the state title team. Then Alex in clue 1 must be the Carlton boy. By clue 10, David's father pitched and isn't Bench; so, David is this year's 2B and his dad is Ron. The Benches both started the opener at C. By clue 12, Joe is Carlton. By clue 7, Mickey Mays and his son started at 2B and 3B respectively. The Schmidts played different infield positions on opening day (2), so Mr. Schmidt played 3B and his son SS. By clue 11, Palmer must be 2B David; the Yount youth was this year's opening day starting P. Stan is neither Schmidt (2) nor Yount (3) and is Bench. Hank is Yount and Bill Schmidt (13). Brian didn't play the infield (8) and isn't Stan Bench's son (3), so Brian is P Yount. By clue 14, Peter Bench is this year's C. Finally, Jason Mays and Tony Schmidt (15) round out the 2002 players. In sum, the Muddville Marauders then and now are

  • C Stan & C Peter Bench
  • 1B Joe & 1B Alex Carlton
  • 2B Mickey & 3B Jason Mays
  • P Ron & 2B David Palmer
  • 3B Bill & SS Tony Schmidt
  • SS Hank & P Brian Yount

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