The Muddville Marauders--Then and Now
Batter up for Muddville baseball.
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When this year's Muddville High Marauders took the field on opening day, it was a special occasion for the fathers of six of the starters: not only were their sons playing for the 2002 team, but 25 years earlier, they had opened the season as high school players on the only Muddville squad to win a state championship. As it turned out, the six sons collectively were playing the same positions as the fathers: pitcher (P) and catcher (C) and the four infield spots, first base (1B), second base (2B), shortstop (SS), and third base (3B). From the lineup card entries that follow, you should be able to determine the full name of each father and son (the dads' first names are Bill, Hank, Joe, Mickey, Ron, and Stan and the boys' are Alex, Brian, David, Jason, Peter, and Tony) and the position each played on Muddville Marauder opening day then and now.

  1. The six Muddville Marauder father-son pairs are Ron and his son, the Benches, Alex and his dad, the father who started at SS and his son, the dad who played 3B and his son, and this year's 3B and his father.
  2. Schmidt, who isn't Stan, and his son played different infield positions on the opening days.
  3. Stan, who isn't Yount, isn't Brian's dad.
  4. The son of the 1977 squad's P plays 2B on this year's team.
  5. Ron and Carlton were co-captains of the state title team.
  6. One father-son pair started at C on the two teams; a second pair also played the same position on the squads; the father and son of each of the other four pairs played different positions.
  7. Neither Mickey Mays nor his son played SS for the Marauders.
  8. Brian isn't one of this year's infielders.
  9. Carlton and his son both played the same opening day position; they didn't play C or SS.
  10. David, who isn't the Bench boy, put a picture of his dad as the 1977 Muddville starting P inside his baseball cap for luck.
  11. The Palmer teen isn't this year's starting P.
  12. Joe, who isn't Bench, and his son played the same position on opening days then and now.
  13. Hank isn't the 2002 SS's father.
  14. Peter, who isn't Schmidt, isn't the son of the state championship team's 2B.
  15. Jason isn't Bill's son.