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Bot Battles
Robots fight it out for the R2D2 Trophy in this challenger Logic Puzzle.
April 1, 2002
By clue 5, the robot built by Ms. Malden and her partner defeated RoboWrecker in one Bot Battle round. The match didn't take place in the consolation game (clue 5), so it either occurred in the first round or in the championship final. If it had been in the championship game, Ms. Malden and her partner and the RoboWrecker would have won first round games. Since Ms. Malden and her partner didn't build the MechanoMonster (9), by clue 1, the MechanoMonster would have beaten the robot wired by Ms. Nash and her partner in the consolation bout. By clue 2, Dan and his partner would have lost in the first round to the BasherBorg. Since Dan and Ms. Nash weren't partners (10), Dan would have been co-builder of the MechanoMonster, and Ms. Nash and her partner would have lost with their DeathDroid to the RoboWrecker in round one. Since Carrie wasn't Dan's partner (6) and isn't Ms. Nash (11), Mr. Wynn and partner's win over Carrie and partner would have to have been in the championship game; and Carrie and her partner then would have created the RoboWrecker--no (15). So, Ms. Malden and her partner's win over the RoboWrecker wasn't for the championship and occurred in a first-round match. Ms. Nash and her partner's defeat by MechanoMonster (1) then was in the other first-round game, the consolation game, or the championship match. If it had been in the championship game, then the first-round winning MechanoMonster would have been built by Ms. Malden--no (9). If it had been in the consolation match, then in the first round Ms. Nash and partner would have lost to Ms. Malden and hers, and the MechanoMonster would have lost the other game. Since Dan isn't Ms. Nash's partner (10), by clue 2, he would have lost in the first round with the MechanoMonster to the BasherBorg; and Ms. Malden and mate would have constructed the DeathDroid. Since Carrie didn't build a robot in partnership with Dan (6) and isn't Ms. Nash (11), Mr. Wynn and his partner in clue 11 would have appeared in the championship game either as the builders of DeathDroid or as opponents for the DeathDroid builders--contradicting clue 3. So, Ms. Nash and her partner lost to the MechanoMonster builders in the other of the two matches in round one. By clue 2, Ms. Malden and her partner are the BasherBorg's designers, while Dan and his partner built the RoboWrecker. By elimination, Ms. Nash and her associate designed the DeathDroid. By clues 3 and 11, then, Mr. Wynn and his partner wired the BasherBorg. Since Carrie and Dan weren't partners (6), Mr. Wynn and his partner would have beaten Carrie and hers in the championship game. So, Carrie is one of the builders of the runner-up MechanoMonster. By clue 12, Jenny and Andy must be the builders of the DeathDroid. By clue 13, Ms. Fisher and her partner won a match vs. Mr. Teller and his. Dan isn't Mr. Teller (6). Mr. Teller also can't be on the MechanoMonster team, since their only defeat came against Ms. Malden and her partner. So, Teller is Andy and Jenny Nash. Since the fourth woman is Ms. Cisco (4), by clue 14, Mr. Kennedy guided his robot to one win. If he were a co-builder of the MechanoMonster, he would be Tom and Randy Wynn (7), with Dan then Lucas. By clue 16, Carrie would be Ms. Fisher, and Dan Lucas's partner would have been Ms. Cisco. However, neither Susan (4) nor Beth (8) could be Ms. Cisco. So, Ms. Kennedy must be Dan and must have guided RoboWrecker to a consolation game victory over DeathDroid. Mr. Lucas helped build the MechanoMonster. Tom is Wynn and Randy Lucas (16). Randy's partner was Ms. Fisher and Dan's Ms. Cisco (7). Susan is Malden and Beth Cisco (4). In sum, the matches were as follows:

BasherBorg by Susan Malden & Tom Wynn
RoboWrecker by Beth Cisco & Dan Kennedy
MechanoMonster by Carrie Fisher & Randy Lucas
DeathDroid by Jenny Nash & Andy Teller

  • 1st round: BasherBorg def. RoboWrecker
  • 1st round: MechanoMonster def. DeathDroid
  • Championship: BasherBorg def. MechanoMonster
  • Consolation: RoboWrecker def. DeathDroid

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