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Bot Battles
Robots fight it out for the R2D2 Trophy in this challenger Logic Puzzle.
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April 1, 2002
In the recent Bot Battles 2002, four robots, each designed and built by a pair of Summerset State engineering students, smashed heads in the demolition derby-style event to decide the winner of the prestigious R2D2 Trophy. Two first-round contests sent the two winning robots to the championship game and the losers to the consolation game to fight for 3rd place. From the tournament results below, can you determine the names of the students who built each battling bot (each pair of contestants had a female and a male member) and the complete results in the first round, championship, and consolation matches of the Bot Battles 2002?

  1. In one match, the MechanoMonster defeated the robot entered by Ms. Nash and her partner.
  2. In one first-round battle, the entry constructed by Dan and his partner was defeated by the BasherBorg.
  3. The robot designed by Mr. Wynn and his partner never met the DeathDroid during the competition.
  4. Susan and Ms. Cisco are Ph. D. candidates at State.
  5. The match in which the robot built by Ms. Malden and her partner upset the fierce-looking RoboWrecker wasn't the one for 3rd place.
  6. Dan, who isn't Teller, didn't partner with Carrie in the event.
  7. Randy, who isn't Kennedy, didn't co-design with Ms. Cisco.
  8. Beth didn't partner with Lucas.
  9. Ms. Malden wasn't one of the designers of the MechanoMonster.
  10. Dan and Ms. Nash weren't engineers on the same robot.
  11. In one battle, Mr. Wynn and partner's robot won on points over the robot built by Carrie, who isn't Ms. Nash, and her co-constructor.
  12. The entry designed and made by Jenny and Andy didn't win the R2D2 Trophy.
  13. The bot built by Ms. Fisher and her partner beat the bot built by Mr. Teller and his partner in one battle.
  14. Kennedy had the controls when his robot won one match.
  15. After the battles, Carrie asked the builders of the RoboWrecker for their design pages so that she could study them.
  16. Tom, who isn't Lucas, didn't have Ms. Cisco as co-designer of his bot.

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