The Musicians
Who has played what instrument for how long?
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Last weekend, the Summerset Symphony honored Schubert and four other of its musicians for being named National Players. The musicians, each of whom plays a different instrument in the orchestra and has been with the group a different number of years, were treated to a surprise playing of "For He's a Jolly Good ..." during the symphony's Saturday concert. From the information below, can you solve our inaugural Logic Puzzle by finding each honored musician's full name, the instrument he or she plays in the Summerset Symphony, and the number of whole years he or she has been performing with the orchestra?

  1. Handel has been with the group twice as long as Georgia, who has been a Summerset Symphony musician twice as long as the clarinet player.
  2. The flutist isn't the honoree who has the shortest tenure with the orchestra.
  3. Walter has been performing with the symphony 12 years longer than Bach.
  4. The most-veteran musician has played for the group 18 years longer than the least-veteran performer.
  5. James has been a Summerset Symphony member 3 fewer years than the oboist.
  6. Wagner has been with the orchestra twice as long as the violinist, who has been a member 3 years longer than Maria.
  7. Georgia and Bach both trained at Cozy Valley Conservatory.
  8. Ravel has been playing for the Summerset Symphony 12 fewer years than fellow honoree Yolanda has.
  9. The oboist has been with the group half as long as the cellist.